About Us

Every photographer has one photo that after they shoot, they look into their display screen and say “I love this!” The image holds so much emotion, life, and story that it has to be shared with others.  It begins a love affair with photography.


For us, this was an image of a yellow paddle on an abandoned boat off the coast of Peru. When we returned home from that trip, we knew that we wanted to invest in something we loved, and the name “Yellow Paddle” not only echoed as a reminder of our passion ignited on that trip, but also served as a symbol of the adventure ahead. As native Coloradans, we know that yellow paddles are used to embark on adventure, which was exactly what we were doing in starting our own small business!


From the very start, we invited other like-minded photographers to join us. We never wanted to create a company that elevated ourselves, but included others in order to serve others. As a hungry, young company, we shot every event and occasion we could get our hands on, but we found a sweet spot when it came to weddings. So many couples were pleased to find passionate people who cared about the details of their big day, as well as a price tag that saved their wedding budget.  After one year in business we decided to focus primarily on weddings, and we officially created a Yellow Paddle Team.


Each photographer that we add to our team not only has the talent to take incredible pictures but a great personality that couples want to interact with on their wedding day. In addition to our talented photographers we also have an amazing support staff that ensures every couple has the personal attention they deserve.


With seven years under our belt, and thousands of happy couples with beautiful wedding pictures hanging from their walls, we couldn’t be happier with our adventure. Not only do we get to watch our photographers grow into phenomenal creative professionals, but we are able to provide a service within a much-needed “niche” in the often overpriced wedding market. This epic adventure has been a great ride that we hope to continue for years to come.


Amanda and Joe Kingry


Meet the Team

Amanda Kingry

Owner/General Operations

Amanda Cataldo

Client Relations, Yellow Paddle Bride in 2015

Stephanie Dobbins

Photographer Manager

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