Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long will it take to get my images?

      We understand how exciting it is to get your pictures, so we try to keep your waiting to a minimum.  We also want to ensure that we take the time to make them excellent, so our aim is to deliver your images 4-8 weeks from the date of your event.

    • Can I split a multi-photographer package between two days?

      No, both photographers have to be used on the same day.

    • Can I split the 8 hours?

      No, you cannot.  The 8 hours have to be consecutive.

    • Do you offer videography?

      No, we do not

    • Do you offer albums?

      No, we do not. 

    • How does Yellow Paddle choose the .5?

      Yellow Paddle  waits until a few weeks before your wedding to see who still needs to be booked and then assign those weddings according to our best discretion.

    • I have a larger wedding, which package do you recommend?

      For weddings over 150 people, we do recommend going with multiple photographers.  Having multiple photographers helps to ensure that shots will not be missed in the midst of the craziness.  However, this is only a recommendation.  We do not require that you book multiple photographers if you have a larger wedding.

    • What are the benefits of having multiple photographers?

      There are a few major benefits to having a second photographer.  One is obviously double the images, but another major benefit is being able to make efficient use of your time.  You can be in two places at once (for example when you are getting ready).  You can also split your attention (for example during the ceremony).  It is also nice to have an extra body helping to organize things during family pictures.

    • Do you offer additional editing?

      Additional editing, including, but not limited to, blemish removal, object removal, or advance editing techniques, can be arranged for an additional fee after images have been presented. Fees for editing are assessed based on the scope of work. 

    • Do I get to choose which images get creatively edited?

      No, we leave that up to the photographer’s discretion, and they are very good at choosing the special images of your day.  

    • Are any of the photos edited?

      Each of your images will be edited so that they are ready to share or print, but as a bonus your photographer will also CREATIVELY edit 20% of your photos.  Creative edits include, black and white, color effects, cropping, etc.  Additional editing requests such as blemish or object removal can be requested, but there will be an additional charge based on the request.  Some of our photographers have a distinct style, and all images will be delivered in that style.  Check the style guide in each photographer’s gallery to learn more. 

    • How long will my website be active?

      You will have access to your website for one year from the date of your event. 

    • Do I have full rights to ALL my photos?

      Full rights to all your digital images are included with any of our packages.

    • What is the cost for additional time at my wedding?

      If you need extra hours for your wedding day, it is $150/hr for one photographer and $200/hr for two photographers.  You can request extra hours ahead of time. If you decide on your wedding day to extend your photographers time you will be billed  later.  We only allow for full hours of extra coverage, so we will round up to the closest full hour used. 

    • Are there any limitations or recommendations for printing my images?

      You can order prints directly from the website that we share your images on or you can download and print them at the location of your choice . We provide you with a print release that you can use at any printer that you choose.

    • Can I purchase a flash drive with all of my images?

      We deliver all of your images digitally with easy downloads. You are free to make your own flash drives, but if you would like to purchase a back up flash drive through Yellow Paddle, you can do so for $50.  If you have not booked a package yet, simply add a flash drive during booking.  If you have already booked, please email us to add one. 

    • Can I get less than 8 hours?

      You do not have to use the full 8 hours, but it can be more economical to go this way.  We do offer a few special packages that are perfect for shorter weddings, and they can be booked within 40 days of the event date.  To view or book these packages, please check them out here.


    • Can I share my images?

      Please do!  We want your pictures to get as much use as possible, our one request is that you don’t sell them. You can share your wedding gallery link with anyone who you want to have access to your photos. Anyone with the gallery link will be able to download your photos as well.

    • Will there be a watermark on my images?

      No, there will not be a watermark on any of your images.  We want all of your images to be excellent, usable pictures that you can enjoy for years to come.

    • What resolution will my images be?

      Your images will be High Resolution JPEGS. We do not provide RAW files.

    • What if it has been more than a year since my wedding, will you still have my images?

      No, Yellow Paddle does not archive photos beyond one year.  Please be sure to back up your images!

    • How many images can I expect?

      For any live event coverage, or engagement session, you can expect to receive an average of 50 images per hour.

    • How will my pictures will delivered?

      Your images will be delivered to you through a website where all your images will be displayed and be downloadable.  This website will be available for one year. From the website you are able to download individual images or select “download all”.

    • Do I have print rights to my pictures?

      Yes, you have full rights to your images, which includes sharing and printing, and we provide a print release for you.  We only ask that you don’t sell your images, but other than that, ENJOY!

    • How do I book a package?

      To secure a photographer (or photographers) for your day, simply click on BOOK NOW on the menu bar.  This will take you step by step through Yellow Paddle’s booking process.

    • How much is the deposit for my package and when is the balance due?

      Deposits are 50% of your total.  The other 50% is due the week before your wedding.

    • Do I have to book the works package to get an engagement session?

      No, you do not need the works package to book an engagement session.  You can add an engagement session to any package for $200 or $250 as a standalone.  Engagement sessions are 90 minutes long. To book a standalone session, please fill out an engagement session request.

    • Are there any other fees?

      Lodging Fee:Wedding events that would require the photographer to be traveling from Denver proper before 6 a.m or after 1am will be charged a lodging fee of $150. This fee may have been calculated upon booking based on your location, but in some cases it will be determined after booking.

      Long Day Fee: In the event that the photographer spends more than 12 hours including traveling time and shooting time for an event, a $150 fee will be assessed.

      Permits: Some locations require photography permits. Couples are responsible for obtaining any needed permits for the locations they select. Many Colorado public land and parks require a permit. We always suggest contacting the governing agency of the land to ensure you don’t need a permit for commercial photography.

      Parking: The client is responsible for providing parking or the contracted photographers.

      If you are unsure if your event will require any additional fees, please reach out to us at


    • When do I need to book?

      You can book whenever is convenient for you! Photographers usually sign between 6-12 month contracts with us. Since our website will only show photographers that are under contract for your day, you may notice that we don’t have as many options a year+ from your wedding day as we will closer to the date. Additionally, if you are booking with a month of your day, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the photographer’s availability.  If there is a conflict, we will let you know as soon as possible and let you choose from the other photographers available.

    • How do you calculate the travel fee?

      This is how we calculate our  travel fee:  Total round-trip mileage from Denver: _________ – 60 miles = _______x $1.00 =______x number of photographers = ________.

      We use pin location “Denver, CO” on google maps to assess mileage. Travel fee will not go below $100. Check your travel fee with our travel calculator

    • Will there be a travel fee?

      Travel fees are only assessed to venues more than 30 miles from Denver.  To get that mileage, we use pin location “Denver, CO” on google maps and calculate mileage from there.  This is how we calculate our  travel fee:  Total round-trip mileage from Denver: _________ – 60 miles = _______x $1.00 =______x number of photographers = ________.  Travel fee will not go below $100. Check your travel fee with our travel calculator

    • How much will it cost for additional hours?

      It is $150/hour for one photographer and $200/hour for two photographers.  Extra hours will be rounded up to the nearest full hour and must be used consecutively.

    • Do I have to book a package to get an engagement session?

      No, you do not.  An engagement session added to a package is $200, but if you would like to book only an engagement session, it is $250. If you are interested in a standalone session, please submit an engagement request.  You can request a session up to two months from the date you want to take pictures.

    • Can I ask my photographer to scope out my venue before my wedding day?

      Yes, you get one meeting with your photographer in the two month window before your wedding.  If it would make you more comfortable, we encourage you to have this meeting at your venue.  Please note that travel fees will apply if the venue is more than 30 miles from Denver.

    • Can you help me understand more about the different styles your photographers have?

      There are a lot of resources that speak to photo editing styles and this article is one of our favorites:


    • Can I ask my photographer to edit in a different style?

      No, we ask that you select the photographer that fits your desired editing style.

    • What differences can I expect if I select a photographer that has muted colors compared to true to life style?

      For many of our highly stylized photographers the colors captured will be significantly different than true to life.  For example, a blue suit in true to life coloring may appear gray in a more muted editing style.

    • Will all of my images be delivered in the photographer’s style or just the 20% creative edits?

      Your entire gallery. Will be delivered in the style presented and described on the style guide for your selected photographer(s).  The additional 20% will be different that this style, such as black and white.

    • What is the style guide?

      We have a larger team of photographers and each one has their own creative style.  The photographers portfolio reflects their style, and we have included an image with a few words to describe their style to help couples understand how their wedding images will be delivered.

    • Are Yellow Paddle photographers shooting on professional equipment?

      Yes, all of the photographers are shooting on their own professional equipment and carrying a backup body with them to each wedding.

    • Will they choose shots are edited?

      Yes, the photographers choose the shots that are edited, but they are choosing the images that are already stand outs and special moments and make them a little more special.  We always include the original image before editing.

    • Can I change photographers once I have booked?

      We discourage this because the photographer that you had originally booked has forfeited opportunities to book while you held them aside.  We prefer that you opt to “choose photographer later” if you are unsure about who you would like.  Ultimately, though, we want you to be satisfied, and if there ever was an issue we can consider a change at Yellow Paddle’s discretion.

    • How can I be sure my photographer will still be with Yellow Paddle by my wedding date?

      Each photographer that shows up as available for your day is under contract for that day. 

    • How long do most photographers stay with Yellow Paddle?

      The average time for a photographer to be with Yellow Paddle is 2 contracts.  Each contract is 14 months long.  We have had photographers stay longer, and some only one contract, but most are with us for 2.

    • I need help figuring out the timeline for my day, how will I know how long to plan for photos?

      We have created our photo checklist to provide an estimated time for each desired posed photo session.  You will be reviewing your checklist and overall schedule of the day with your photographer in the two month window before your wedding, but if you need advice about your timeline, please email us.

    • Is it okay if my photographer goes around to different locations on my wedding day? Is there an extra fee for that?

      That is fine with us!  We do not charge extra for multiple locations.

    • We are kind of camera shy, will our photographer help us?

      Definitely.  Most people are not natural in front of the camera, and need some direction.  Our photographers work hard to help direct moments that turn into something natural. We believe that you look your best when you are just being yourself.

    • Do I need to provide a meal for my photographer?

      Yes, it would be greatly appreciated (and we put it in the contract). The basic rule of thumb here is that if you are eating, please give them the chance to eat as well.  They will keep their camera close, so as to catch moments that happen during this time, but I am sure you can imagine how long an 8 hour workday can get without a chance to replenish. 

    • Has my photographer shot at my venue before?

      Unfortunately, we do not have a database to track this especially since this is consistently evolving situation.

    • Are there any photographers available on my day?

      Please use our check your date tool to check availability for your date.

    • Do all Yellow Paddle’s photographers have experience?

      Yes, the level of experience varies from photographer to photographer, but no one is doing their first wedding with you.  We have interviewed and tested our photographers and the question that we ask ourselves is  “would I feel comfortable if this was my wedding photographer?” They must pass this standard to be on staff with us.

    • How do I know my photographers will get along with each other?

      We take compatibility of our photographers very seriously.  We are very particular in choosing photographers that are professional and work well with others to achieve the vision of Yellow Paddle. 

    • I want multiple photographers, but only one is showing up on my day, what should I do?

      We can still accommodate your request, please email us and let us know about your situation.

    • Will my photographer carry back up equipment?

      Yes, we require that all of our photographers carry backup equipment.

    • What if something happens to my photographer that prevents them from capturing my day?

      In this event, we will let you choose from other available photographers for your day.  Even if the issue is illness the day of your wedding, we can assure you that we will have a photographer for you, and we will give you a choice whenever possible.

    • What if I meet my photographer and we aren’t a good fit?

      All though we get asked this frequently, it never turns out to be an issue.  We make sure that we are hiring talented, likeable photographers that we are proud to put the Yellow Paddle name on.  If for some reason you are unhappy with your photographer, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate a switch for you at our discretion.

    • Can I request specific shots for my wedding?

      Yes!  At the final checklist meeting with your photographer, please feel free to pass along some of the shots you would like. 

    • Can I meet my photographer?

      You get to meet with your photographer two months before your wedding, but first we need you to fill out your checklist.  You can do this through your wedding login.  Unfortunately, we do not have our photographers meet with clients before they have booked out of respect for our photographer’s time.

    • What do you mean by up-and-coming?

      Up-and-coming refers to a talented photographer that with sound technical skill and an artistic eye that wants to build their portfolio.  We believe in our photographers and their ability to produce amazing photography for your special day! 

    • How can I be sure that we will mesh with our photographer?

      We take compatibility of our photographers very seriously.  We are very particular in choosing photographers that are professional and work well with others to achieve the vision of Yellow Paddle. 

    • How do I choose a photographer?

      We recommend “going with your gut”.  Ultimately, photography is an art form and is subjective to taste.  No one knows your particular taste better than you, so who better to make the decision?  We have worked hard to find photographers that are technically excellent, so you just have to worry about style.  We have included a style guide with images on each photographers portfolio to help you understand the style that your gallery will be delivered in.

    • What if I don’t like anyone available for my day?

      We are always adding more photographers, so if you are not crazy about anyone available, please feel free to wait until we have someone you love, or book now with the option to “choose photographer later”.

    • When should I choose a photographer?

      You get to choose your photographer immediately, as a matter of fact, it is a step in the booking process.  You can also opt to choose a photographer later if you would prefer. If you find a photographer that you like, we suggest booking as soon as you can since we cannot guarantee that they will not be booked by someone else.

    • Why aren’t any photographers showing up on my wedding date?

      If you are you more than a year from your wedding, we are actively hiring photographers to be available on your date. Photographers join our team frequently so we are constantly adding great options. The closer we get to your wedding day, the more options become available! Please keep checking our portfolios to see your options. You can also choose to book a package now and select a photographer later. This allows you to lock in a price and package and you can choose when photographers become available. 

      Are you within a year from your wedding day and no one is showing up?  We may still be able to accommodate you. Please email us.

    • What if I book and have to cancel the wedding or decide to use a different photographer?

      This is our cancellation policy: All cancellations must be received in writing.  All deposits are non refundable. If you choose to cancel your contract with Yellow Paddle Photography more than 60 days from the event is/was intended to happen, Yellow Paddle will retain your paid deposit and you will be released from your contract. If cancellation occurs within 60 days of the intended event Yellow Paddle Photography will collect the remaining amount due in addition to retaining your deposit. If you need to cancel or postpone, please contact us.

    • Sales Tax

      In compliance with Colorado law we do charge sales tax. Sales Tax is calculated based on the clients mailing address. Clients will see the Sales Tax charge as part of their final balance.

    • I noticed you have an exclusivity clause, can I still hire a videographer? What about a photo booth?

      Our exclusivity clause applies only to other photographers, please feel free to hire another company for videography or a photo booth.

    • What if I need to reschedule my wedding day?

      We understand that things can happen. If you need to reschedule your wedding day, and still want to use Yellow Paddle, we are happy to roll moneys paid over to your new date.  We do not charge a fee for change of date. Please just let us know the situation by emailing us.

    • Can I look at a contract before I book?

      Of course, we encourage it.  Please look through our contract here.

    • How much should I tip?

      Tipping is not required, but always appreciated. According to The Knot the standard tip is between $50-$200. If you choose to tip you can do so directly to your photographer during your wedding or we offer a tip link on our site.

    • Will I be notified when my pictures are ready?

      Yes!  We will email you with links to both view and download your images when they are ready.

    • I have booked, now how do I set up my engagement session?

      Simply log on to My Yellow Paddle Dashboard.  Your primary photographer’s email address will be provided under engagement sessions.  Please feel free to email them to set up a time and location for your session.

    • I have booked, how do I get in touch with my photographer?

      We will help you with all that!  You get to meet with your photographer within two months before your wedding.  If you need anything before then, you can contact us. Two months before your wedding date, we will send you an email reminding you to log on and fill out your photo checklist on your Yellow Paddle dashboard.  Once that is submitted, your photographer’s contact info will appear on your dashboard and you will be able to connect with them to set up a meeting.

    • What if my final payment is late?

      Failure to complete payment upon due date may result in a 5% surcharge per week that payment is late.

    • How do I book?

      I’m glad you asked!  Simply click on the Book Now page to get started.  It will walk you through step by step the information that we need.  During this process you will get to choose your package and your photographer (or photographers).

    • Can Yellow Paddle reserve a photographer for me while I decide if I want to book?

      The only way to reserve a photographer is to book through our website. 

    • How far in advance do I need to book with Yellow Paddle?

      We can accommodate you at any time before your wedding assuming we have photographers available.  Please note that if it within 3 weeks of your wedding, we cannot guarantee the particular photographer that you choose.

    • Do you offer any discounts (military, student, etc.)?

      Unfortunately we do not, as our services are already much lower than the average photographer.

    • When is the final payment due?

      Your final payment will be due the week before your wedding.  Don’t worry, we will send you a reminder email.

    • When do I pay the deposit?

      Your deposit is due at the signing of your contract.

    • If I book more than one photographer, am I able to stagger their start times on my wedding day?

      Definitely!  Our only stipulation is that hours must be consecutive (i.e. you can’t use 2 hours in the morning and 6 in the evening), but please feel free to have your photographers start at whichever time is best for you.

    • When do I choose a photographer?

      You choose your photographer when booking, however if you are not ready to choose a photographer, you can book with the option of choosing a photographer later.

    • How much is the deposit?

      Your deposit will be half of your total including travel fee (when applicable).

    • Does Yellow Paddle have insurance?


    • Can Yellow Paddle provide a certificate of insurance if need be?


    • Where does the name Yellow Paddle come from?

      When the owners of Yellow Paddle were starting the company, they were inspired to name their company from one of the first photographs they took of an abandoned fishing boat with a yellow paddle. For them the photograph and the name symbolized not only turing their passion into a profession, but taking on an adventure in unknown waters.

    • Where can I find reviews of Yellow Paddle?

      You can find unedited reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire and Facebook.

    • Does Yellow Paddle have a Facebook page?

      Yes! Please check us out here.

    • Does Yellow Paddle have an Instagram account?

      Yes, check us out here.

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