There are a lot of questions regarding Covid-19 and wedding planning. When it comes to our services, we wanted to share our answers to help you with your wedding planning process.

Q: How can I find out what the current restrictions are for my wedding date?
A: There are a variety of sources that we would recommend. We encourage you to check the statewide regulations as well as the county recommendations for the county in which you are planning to get married in. Our photographers have to follow all of the mandated regulations.

Q: Can my photographer perform their job while practicing social distancing?
A: Yes! Our photographer can capture your event in full while adhering to all of the social distancing recommendations.

Q: What happens if our wedding date needs to change?
A: We offer free rescheduling. If your original photographer is not available on your new date, you can select a new one from our team. You can reschedule by contacting a member of our team at [email protected]

Q: What if my photographer becomes sick and can’t be at my wedding?
A: We have a large team of very talented photographers. If your selected photographer is ill, we will work with you to find a replacement. Bottom line: you will never be without a photographer.

Q: If government regulation are put in place, such as stay-at-home orders, making it impossible to have my wedding and I have to cancel, do I forfeit my deposit?
A: Although we highly encourage couples to postpone or reschedule their wedding date, we know sometimes this isn’t a possibility. If you find yourself in this situation and have a documented regulation preventing your wedding from happening, you may qualify for a refund of your deposit under our Force Majeure Clause. Regulations have to be in place on your date that are preventing you from hosting your event AND us from photographing your event to qualify.

Q: If we are unable to host our anticipated large group gathering and need to get creative on how our wedding will look, are you willing to work with us on creative solutions?
A: Absolutely! If you already have a package in place, we can work with the same contracted dollar amount, but get creative on how we can use it to accomplish what you are looking for. If you don’t have a package with us, check out our Covid-19 special packages which include a Small Wedding Package, Elopement or Hourly Rate option.

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